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EPA Method 5 - Particulate Emissions

Method Overview

  • Isokinetic.
  • Heated out of stack filter (M5).
  • "Condensible" particulates pass through the filter and condense in impingers. Can readily be combined with a CPM Method.
  • Tester may adjust out-of-stack filter temperature to suit source specific conditions.

Target Compounds

  • Particulate Matter (PM) -- those substances retained in the sampling nozzle/probe and on a heated filter.

Performance Tips

  • During sampling a filter is maintained at a specified temperature (248°F + 25°F)
  • Do not use silicone grease - it can be soluble in the probe rinse and can bias the PM value high.
  • Run the train isokinetically.
  • Stainless steel or glass nozzles should be handled with great care, port or wall scrapings can bias results high.


  • Acetone must be shipped as a hazardous material. Please call for IATA codes if you need them.
  • Samples may be shipped at ambient temperatures.
  • It may prove more economical to keep acetone rinses separate, ship other samples normally, and the acetone as hazardous.
  • Be sure to include a chain of custody for each shipping container.


  • This method is the EPA's Go-To method for particulate matter emissions;
  • Almost all other test methods are based on the sampling train used for this method.


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