EPA Method 16A - Total Reduced Sulfur Emissions

Method Overview

  • Non-Isokinetic Constant Rate Sampling;
  • Sulfur Dioxide is Removed in a Buffer Solution Impinger Prior to Oxidation Stage of Sampling Train.
  • Reduced Sulfur Compounds are Oxidized to Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Caught in Hydrogen Peroxide Absorption Solution.
  • Titrimetric Analysis

Target Compounds

  • Reduced Sulfur Compounds

Performance Tips

  • Charge Teflon impingers with Buffer Solution;
  • Charge first two collection impingers (1 & 2) with 15 mL 3% H2O2 each;
  • Third impinger should remain empty;
  • Charge fourth impinger with silica gel.
  • Separation of Analytes:
    • Sulfur Dioxides (SO2) are soluble and collected in the buffer solution;
    • Reduced sulfur compounds will pass through this impinger and be collected in the hydrogen peroxide absorbing solution.
  • Please provide high volume blanks when low concentrations are expected such as in the Acid mist and/or sulfur trioxide (SO3) fraction.


  • Samples may be shipped at ambient temperatures.
  • Be sure to include a chain of custody for each shipping container.


  • Emissions measurements of reduced sulfur compounds, typically at Kraft paper mills


  • No, please contact us if you are interested!

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