EPA Method 204f - Volatile Organic Compounds in Liquid Input Stream

Method Overview

  • At least 3 sampling runs
  • Runs should be between 3 to 8 hours long
  • Each run should be covering one complete production cycle.
    • Unless product cycle is longer than 8 hours
  • This procedure is applicable for determining the input of volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is intended to be used as a segment in the development of liquid/gas protocols for determining VOC capture efficiency (CE) for surface coating and printing operations.

Target Compounds

  • Total VOC

Performance Tips

  • A sample of each coating is distilled to separate the VOC fraction.
  • Distilled fraction analyzed using a flame ionization detector


  • Samples may qualify to be shipped as a hazardous material. Please call for IATA codes if you need them.


  • The most useful data are determining the response factor of a given feed stream on an FIA (Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer).
  • Direct conversion factors, from propane to feed stream, can be determined
    • Units = lb Feed Stream per lb Propane (or Methane)


  • No, please contact us if you are interested!

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