Research and Development

We’re developing new ideas all the time–process engineering, test methodology, equipment improvements–Clean Air Engineering is committed to innovation and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Where have we been?

At Clean Air Engineering, it has been a long trip. Since 1972, Clean Air Engineering has led the way in the development of new technologies described here.

Product Improvements

Product improvement can be as simple as redesigning an instrument case for shipping, or redesigning a meter box for use in new EPA test methods. At Clean Air Engineering, we have feedback from our customers, field test engineers and installation technicians to help us develop improvements to our existing product line.


" When we consult, we don’t even think about what we offer, we think about the client, their problem and what we can do to solve it. Hopefully there’s a large overlap between the solution and our services, but not always–and obviously if there’s no overlap we’ll try to recommend someone else. But if there’s some overlap, we will team up with other companies to solve a customer problem."

-- Scott Evans, Vice President, Principal Consultant

Providing services and equipment to our customers is our business. Part of Clean Air’s commitment to research and development is to try new ways of solving customer problems.

When a customer had water droplets forming inside a stack with SO2 in the gas stream the resulting sulfuric acid began to deteriorate the stack interior. Our engineering team designed the demisters or "mist eliminators" to eliminate the stack moisture problem.

The most important part of service and equipment excellence is realizing when you need to bring in outside experts to collaborate on research and development projects. Clean Air Engineering is proud to have Teamwork agreements with many fine companies.


3D Pitot Calibration

"We've do Method 2F calibrations of 3-D probes for our Clean Air Engineering field testteams and outside customers using our USEPA certified wind tunnel.

-- Don Allen, Clean Air Instrument Rental

Owners and operators of utilities subject to the Acid Rain Program of the Clean Air Act must use an approved test method to periodically calibrate the flow volume monitors that are a part of their SOx and NOx emissions monitoring systems. On July 13, 1999, EPA Methods 2F, 2G and 2H became approved test methods for the calibration of volumetric monitoring equipment– methods that correct for the flow overstatement bias of the older EPA Method 2.

In response, Clean Air Engineering designed a wind tunnel at its Palatine, IL facility, for the calibration of 3-D volumetric probes. We now offer "3-D Pitot" calibration to Method 2F as new addition to our regular Calibration Services.


Valuable Internet Resources

Clean Air Engineering’s initial website offering went online in 1995 and is continually developing into what we hope will be the premier offering of air management information and services on the Internet. From online Calibration Gas certificates to the Clean Air Store, we are continually developing ideas for using the resources of the Internet and our IS/IT technical staff.

Clean Air Engineering’s Online Environmental Performance program is a way for us to offer air quality management data collection and data reporting services in new and innovative ways.

  • Report emissions data to your community over the web
  • Host your company’s air quality web page
  • Host your Title V EMS and QA/QC manual
  • Emissions data in HTML format for insertion onto your facility’s web site
  • "Real time" CEM reporting over the WWW. (Java enabled browser required)
  • Remote monitoring of your CEM data acquisition system
  • Manage calibration data and calibration certifications
  • USEPA Air Test Methods online with Links


Our Research Commitment?

"Investing in research and development pays for itself over and over again. At Clean Air Engineering, our goal is to spend between five and ten percent of our annual profits on providing new and innovative products and services to our customers. We wouldn't even think about starting a project without customer input–ultimately, they’re the bosses."

-- Bill Walker, Clean Air Engineering, Chairman

Where are we going? Forward. Clean Air Engineering plans to continue its tradition of excellence by developing new test methods, new products, product improvements, new partnerships and innovative ways to use technology.

Our aim is to be recognized, worldwide for providing the highest value products and services for sustainability management. We can only do this with your help. Let us know what you think about the products and services we provide, and tell us what you want to see Clean Air Engineering offer for future products and services. Send your questions and comments to With your help, we can go anywhere.