CleanAir Leadership Doctrine

Note to visitors: This page is intended for CleanAir employees so the links will not all work unless you are one of our employees with a valid id and password. However the underlined links will work for everyone. Hope you enjoy this little peak into our kingdom.

Job Description for CleanAir Leaders*

  • Know, Support and Communicate The CleanAir Safety Program.
    • Make sure your team is properly represented by your Safety Officer.
    • Proactively support the Safety Team.
    • Get a safety specialty, be the company expert on at least one safety issue.

  • Read, Support and Communicate the CleanAir Statement of Integrity.;
    • Have all on your team sign the "Personal Commitment to Integrity" on page 9? Please encourage them to read sign and then send a hard copy of this signed page to their HR personal file c/o Palatine, Illinois.

  • Know, Support and Communicate the CleanAir System
  • Know, Support and Communicate the CleanAir Order of Importance.

  • Support CleanAir Global Policies, National Policies and Local Policies without exception.

  • Know and use the CleanAir Rules, Processes and Methods.

  • Take financial responsibility for CleanAir profit and growth.

  • Hire the best Support Interns, coops and Summer Associates to identify future prospects .
    • Look for diverse backgrounds.
    • Support DISC (also see French version)profiling for team diversity. 
    • Teach all new employees the CleanAir System Doctrines. Refresh the doctrine teachings every year.

  • Continuously Improve (CI) your own processes and those in which you directly contribute to the output.

  • Support (CI) of all other processes under your leadership.
    • Unless you are contributing to a process output you should not be personally invested in its improvement. Empower users to do the CI.
    • Leadership is responsible for new process innovation, recognizing paradigm shifts, the interactions between processes and for finding help for those outside the process who need special help.
    • Continuously look for better ways to do all things. Encourage new ideas, adopt beneficial change fast.

  • Support the CleanAir concept of Client Classification process for identifying best clients. Support our 'Big Picture Goals', Project Objectives and 10X programs.

  • Support the concept that we are in the business of learning and exceeding customer expectations through understanding customer needs better than they know them. Then delivering value and customer success. 

  • Help your team to increase value to CleanAir and our customers (both inside and outside). Exploit your team knowledge and experience.

  • Make working at CleanAir enjoyable and challenging.

  • Set high standards for yourself.
    • Lead by example.
    • Your attitude, work ethic, punctuality, tardiness, dress code, personal hygiene are a reflection on us all.
    • Grow leadership skills.

  • Do what is necessary to make CleanAir successful in all we do.

  • Is your name on the CleanAir Leadership Directory? We have many area that need leadership. We also have a need for Followship. We all must be leaders and at the same time we all must be good followers. Lead and follow or leave!

  • We have a saying, "there are no baby birds working at CleanAir". Nobody waits to be fed work. Work doesn't find a CleanAir Leader, they find it.

  • If you disagree with or have suggestions for any of the above then please work to make it better.

* See CleanAir Leadership Model for those included as CleanAir Leaders.